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Chris Brown’s Probation Woes…

Chris Brown & Puffy High on Mollys

Drug Test Fail!

Chris was just in court for a probation progress report hearing in regards to his felony battery conviction — and guess what? Brown failed his drug test on June 18 in Virginia, where he was fulfilling his court ordered community service.

According to his probation report, Chris told his probation officer he had smoked weed in California — where he has a medical marijuana prescription — and then failed the test in Virginia, where weed is illegal…prescription, or no prescription.

Judge Patricia Schnegg said she never ordered Brown to undergo mandatory drug-testing as part of his probation, so she cut him a break…this time…letting him off with a stern reminder to obey all laws.

Was Chris Brown high on Mollys on Labor Day, while the singer was partying with P Diddy? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Draya.

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Mystikal to Make a Comeback…

Rapper Mystical's Porn Plans

Plan B: Porn?

If Mystical doesn’t land a hit song soon, the rapper may soon follow in Ray J’s X-rated footsteps.

In a recent interview, Mystikal said he’s taking a final stab at music-making, adding if his efforts prove to fail his next move at keeping money coming in may be in the porn industry.

Here’s what Mystikal had to say when asked who he’d like to do his first porn scene with:

“Pinky, she’s a bad bitch. I would take her down in a second. I’m definitely the man, the myth, and the legend.”

Is Mystikal the second artist from Cash Money Records to have porn star dreams? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Tyga.

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Who’s Jacky Talking About? - September 24, 2012

September 24, 2012 - Blind Item

Who am I?

I’m considered a rap legend, yet I seem to have run out of ideas. That’s why even my ghost writers have proven to not be able save me.

As a rapper, I don’t appear to have much talent, and my producing abilities are no different than P Diddy’s – recycling beats, rather than creating new sounds. Despite all of that, I’ve fooled the masses – with countless fans continuing to bow down.

My new entertainment deal has landed me at the top of the earners list, and my two proteges are doing their jobs in keeping my name out and relevant. Though business is good, my rampant steroid use may be affecting my memory and focus.

My wife is quite possibly the world’s best beard, yet I’m known for sporting more make-up than she does. Inner feelings of me having a strange man-crush on my new artist is the word that’s beginning to spread. This after my last crush left me for a boxer.

My new album has become some bizarre urban myth, yet I’ve had beef with so many rappers that it ain’t even funny. That’s why my fear of one mogul led to my becoming a recluse, cause he was still extorting me long after I left that game. So, I recently called his PO to rat on his ass and hoped to get a protective order.

Can you guess – Who am I?

Who is my new artist?

Who is the one who left me?

New Hollywood Street King Article

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B.G. Pens Letter from Prison…

Rapper BG Prison Dance Classes

“It’s really a Small thing to a Giant. And like my Homie Scarface said, ‘DAM IT FEELS GOOD 2 BE A GANGSTA’.” ~ B.G.

The former Cash Money Records recording artist currently serving a 14-year prison sentence has broken his silence, penning an open letter to his fans. With just 15-months of his punishment served, Christopher “B.G.” Dorsey says he’s accepted his fate, thanking his fans for their support, and letting it be known there was a snitch who helped lock him up.

You may remember prosecutors threw the book at the rapper after he plead guilty and was subsequently convicted on weapons charges.

Here are the words exactly as penned by B.G. from behind bars:

“Greeting’s, Hot boys + Hot Girl’s, Soulja’s + Souljarette’s, Real niggas + Real Bitches, Ladies + Gentlemen.

I want everyone to kno that I truly appreciate all the Love + Prayers I have received over the past 15 months. I cant began to express how much I THANK Yall for the support you all have giving me throughout this whole situation, I’ve been going through. It’s finally over, I kno my fate, I know what’s in front of me, and Im ready to tackle it HEAD ON.

It’s really a Small thing to a Giant. And like my Homie Scarface said, ‘DAM IT FEELS GOOD 2 BE A GANGSTA’.

I kno alot of people wondering, why So much Time for gun’s? The answer is Naggas Like me ‘DON’T” and “WANT’, Co-operate under No Circumstances, so they push for the Harshest sentence possible. It’s cool though.

They can lock up My Body but they Can’t lock up my Soul. I just been laying back writing handling this situation like a Real Nigga should. Im staying Prayed up, Keeping my head up.
I kno my fans been asking for some NEW SHIT, its coming Soon ‘PLEASE BELIEVE IT’.

Just keep holding ya nigga down, and praying for Ya Boy. I want yall to kno I miss + Love yall just as Much as yall miss + Love me. I Love the way my Real Niggas + Bad Bitches been holding me down and keeping it 100 that’s what’s up.

KEEP IT 100 is not just a Song of mine it’s a Lifestyle. It’s how I get down all the way around the Board. If Im with you, Im with you 2 tha END.

What’s Understood don’t need to be explain. Real recognize Real and I Respect all of my fan’s because without any of you I wouldn’t be who I am, ‘THA HEART OF THA STREET’Z’.

I get some hot shit coming yall kno how I do. It’s definitely gonna be a page turner, if you kno me you kno I tell great stories so stay tuned for my 1st Book.

One thing they Cant lock up is my mind that bitch on Full Blast. Shit don’t stop I owe it to my Family and Fans to Keep going and I wont let yall down. I kno alot of my Fans been concerned and worried but Im GOOD. It is What it is. Don’t feel sorry for me I CAN HANDLE IT. Once again THANKS for all the Love + support yall just don’t Kno how that make a real Nigga feel.

I should have been wrote yall but I just been waiting until the process was Over. Im gonna start keeping in touch alot more through FACEBOOK and Twitter so stay tuned and stay in Contact. Im Down but Im surely not Out. Im gonna leave it at that, I’m bout to lay back in my Cell and do what I do.

I salute all my BAD Bitches and Real niggas. Always remember it’s DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Like I say DON’T RAT, DON’T SNITCH, DON’T BEND, DON’T FOLD. To my street niggas if Nobody TALKS, Everybody WALKS. Remember that if you ever in a JAM.
Im signing off for Now.”

Did a rep for Atlantic Records once give B.G. the dial tone because he would often make calls to the record company asking for an advance? Of course! Don’t believe me.. Ask Craig Kallman.

Rapper BG Prison Fight

Rapper BG Hard Time

Rapper BG Prison Cell

Rapper BG Mugshot

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Trey Songz’s Reported BroMance with Kevin Liles!

Kevil Liles Smashed Trey Songz?

Making Music With The Manager?

HSK Exclusive - The man who once served as President of Def Jam recordings may be secretly jamming with the artists he manages. Insiders are pointing to Kevin Liles and Trey Songz as a pair involved in a secret bromance!

According to sources, this may not be the first artist Liles has bedded. That’s because Liles is being outed as one of the top undercover homosexuals in the game, reported to be a man who uses his position over up-and-coming artists looking to land a major record deal!

Here’s the drop:

“If you’re a young artist, you got sex appeal, and you take care of Kevin – He might get you a record deal.

Take Trey Songz for instance. He was a nobody before Kev took him under his wing and made him a star. I guess Trey took care of Kevin.”

Trey Songz Gay 4 Pay?

Scrappy was using Buckeey to Cash LHHA Checks

Scrappy Avoiding Child Support

The streets of Atlanta are saying Lil Scrappy used Shay “Buckeey” Johnson to cash his Love and Hip Hop Atlanta checks. Know why? Because Lil Scrappy Love and Hip Hop Atlanta checks were being garnished for child support by his baby momma Erica Dixon. Don’t believe me.. Ask Mama Dee.

Here’s the drop:

"When Scrappy left Erica he got with Buckeey so she could cash his checks. Buckeey kinda spilled it when she said something like ‘I’m a friend, but my name is all in your business.’

Truth is Scrappy used Buckeey to cash his checks to buy Erica an engagement ring.”

Chris Lightly’s Chief of Security was Wife’s Ex Man?

More Money, More Problems Vs. No Money, More Problems?

"Yeah, we’re in a bad economy. That’s everywhere. Everybody’s up and down, but not this." ~ Dave Lighty

Just days after the shocking suicide of Chris Lighty, the top music executive’s brother - Dave Lightly - is speaking out against reports pointing to financial turmoil as being what led Chris Lightly to commit suicide. This as Dave Lighty says he continues to search for the answers to the unanswered questions he’s now left with, surrounding his 44-year-old brother’s death.

Here’s what Dave Lighty had to say:

"I’m surprised, shocked, and lost at this moment. I want the truth to come out. This isn’t my brother. My brother was a strong person, is a strong person. Nothing is adding up. I can’t get a direct answer from anybody…I understand there’s a process to be followed. I can’t even get clear answers from people I think I should be getting clear answers from.”

Here’s what was stated during my discussion with an inside source, about Chris Lighty’s recent suicide:

Insider: “The case is ruled as a suicide because Chris shot himself. You saw the report, everything else is speculation.”

Jacky: “Do you believe Chris’ wife Veronica pushed him to make such a drastic decision?”

Insider: “Is that the word on the streets?”

Jacky: “I’m told Veronica told Chris to hire her ex-man as his chief of security, and Chris did.”

Insider: “Jacky, if anything pops up, I’ll let you know. But for now Chris’s death is ruled as a suicide.”

Duane Martin’s Xen Lounge Sponsored By Will Smith?

Will Smith Buys Duane Martin Xen Lounge

Xen Between Boyzzz?

HSK Exclusive - Studio City’s Xen Restaurant and Lounge may serve as much more than just an ‘off the Hollywood grid’ hot spot where celebs can lay low.

Industry insiders exclusively tell HSK what’s behind the “in the cut hang-out” mirrors it’s history - revealing the Ventura Boulevard establishment was a gift from Will Smith to the actor’s longtime BFF, Duane Martin.

You may remember Xen Lounge opened its doors just last month, before reports credited Duane Martin and wife Tisha Campbell for launching the business. Now, not only is Xen being dubbed Will Smith’s display of affection for Martin, but sources say it’s also a place where endless amounts of male-bonding, and lesbian liaisons, goes down. Don’t believe me.. Ask Evan Ross or Jason Lee!

Here’s the drop:

"Yo! Will Smith bought his boyfriend, Duane Martin, a restaurant. They’re trying to act slick by saying Will and Duane opened the spot together.

Hey, some dudes take their girl’s to Tiffany’s, others buy cars, houses, and furs - But, Will don’t play around! He bought his boo an entire restaurant!”

Ray J Punked @ Skybar!

Ray J Gets Punked
Is Ray J Partying To Mask Mourning Pains?

HSK Exclusive - Ray J seems to have been lacking the juice for access to Skybar, Saturday. That’s why witnesses say upon arrival at Mondrian Hotel’s pool and lounge, the singer was initially denied entrance - forcing Whitney Houston’s former boyfriend to contact a member from his entourage to meet him at Skybar’s entrance to negotiate his entrance. Once inside, we’re told Ray J (who entered the establishment wearing a black T-shirt) disappeared for some time, before reappearing on the pool deck in a white T-shirt.

That’s when witnesses say Ray J was obviously getting ready to kick off a Labor Day weekend all night party, approaching a pair of women who were poolside. That’s just before the 31-year-old former Kim Kardashian-smash partner insisted the two female Mondrian Hotel guests meet him and his entourage at their room - where his private party was being held.

Here’s what an insider had to say about the incident:

"Ray J seemed to be in sad spirits, looking like he was searching for anything to detour him from feeling down. He smiled as he said to those chicks ‘I’m partying with you guys tonight! We’re in room 910!’

He was with a Caucasian woman, who he seems to have settled for after he didn’t get any play from those chicks by the pool.

Ray J didn’t look like the Ray J he once was, he obviously continues to be in mourning-Whitney mode. I hope dude gets it together, and then keeps it together.”

Ray J Skybar Hollywood

YCMB’s Tyga Booted Out Of Vegas Casino…

Tyga Booted from Hard Rock Casino

Kicked Out For Cocaine Possession

HSK Exclusive - YMCMB rapper Michael ‘Tyga” Nguyen was kicked out of Sin City’s Hard Rock Casino, this weekend.

Sources say it happened after a bag of cocaine fell out of the ‘Rack City’ lyricist’s pocket, as he took $700 of cash out to exchange it for casino chips. That’s when we’re told a casino floor walker spotted the drugs on the ground, and took action.
Don’t believe me.. Ask Chyna.

Here’s the drop:

"When the blow hit the floor Tyga said to the casino rep ‘That’s not mine. I don’t know who’s that is, or where it came from."

Next thing I saw was Tyga getting escorted out of the casino.”

Jayde Nicole & Tosh Berman’s Hollywood Nightclub Scam Uncovered!

AV Nightclub Bottle Service

VIP Bottle Service Bandits?

"@AVnightclub was a mad house last night, that #bottle drop is quite beautiful" ~Twitter, @AVnightclub

HSK Exclusive - Bait-and-switch seems to be Jayde Nicole’s latest mode of operation, as the Canadian-born model heads a plot to scam thousands of dollars out of unsuspecting Hollywood nightclub VIP patrons. HSK has exclusively uncovered AV Nightclub - located at 1601 N Cahuenga Boulevard - serves as the stage where the set of Hollywood heists are pulled on wealthy and intoxicated club-goers.

"@Jayde_Nicole Owner of AV Nightclub, VIP Host, for tables, Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, Owner of Jayde Nicole Fitness, Playmate of the Year…" ~Twitter, @Jayde_Nicole

After receiving several reports that AV nightclub VIP patrons were being taken for big bucks after purchasing bottle service, we decided to send an undercover plant into the Hollywood hot spot to catch Playboy’s 2008 Playmate of the Year’s nightclub scam in action. Our HSK investigator had an AV Nightclub VIP table reserved, before arriving at the club just before midnight, Saturday. A hostess escorted our HSK plant and company to the booth - where a total of three bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne, and two bottles of Evian water were ordered. After the first bottle of champagne was consumed, then came the second. When the third bottle arrived, our HSK plant discovered not only was it a bottle which was already opened - but, it was filled with water, not champagne.

Here’s what our HSK undercover investigator had to say about the incident:

"I was flabbergasted. I had a member of my entourage take a sip, to be sure. And, low and behold - I wasn’t tripping!

I immediately summoned our waitress to complain. She was like ‘No! You’re wrong’, before fleeing from our table.
About 10-minutes later, another woman approached with the check - insisting we sign it. They had taken my credit card before we were even seated.

After taking a look at the bill, I saw I was charged an additional hundred bucks for each Dom bottle - listed on AV’s menu at $750 a bottle. So, I paid $850 for a fucking Dom bottle filled with water!!! When I signed the check, the bitch looked at me to fill in the ‘tip’ line - but AV took the liberty of adding 20% to the total of $3435.65.
Like what? I’m supposed to tip twice?

The funny thing is when I called Jadye Nicole over, the bitch even took a pic with me! How funny is that?”

Jayde Nicole Ave Nightclub Scam

Sources tell HSK, more than often, they haven’t realized they have double-tipped their AV Nightclub waitresses (sometimes as much as four-digit figures) until it’s time for them to review their monthly expenditures. And, because they’re in party mode after already consuming mass amounts of alcohol - the ‘water’ heist is often overlooked.

You may remember Matt Bendik (formerly a partner at Voyeur Nightclub) and Tosh Berman opened AV Nightclub’s doors back in May of this year. Bermen - a 32-year-old Denver, Colorado native - is Jayde Nicole’s current boyfriend - landing the 26-year-old Torontonian nude model the pass to pull the scam off. It’s an operation which the couple is undoubtedly behind, as almost all of their bottle service contracts are covered with club-goer’s credit cards.

Jayde Nicole & Tosh Berman

Kayne’s Mock-Made Music Exposed…

Respect To Chief Keef!

Kayne West may be a seasoned performer, but the highlight of his recent live appearance was straight copied from a underground teen rapper.

During this past weekend’s “Made In America" music festival, Ye recently delivered show-stopping remix of Chief Keef’s "I Don’t Like" - along with Pusha T and Big Sean - claiming it as their own.

Now, many believe “I Don’t Like" is a Kanye West creation.

Here’s what 17-year-old Chicago native Chief Keef had to say about Kanye West, and his friends, jumping on his track:

"Kanye West ain’t doing shit for me - despite jumping on my “I Don’t Like” remix and bringing it to the masses."

You may remember Chief Keef dissing Kanye and his friends for jumping on his track, but Ye has proven he has no shame by running with the teen’s song AGAIN. That’s because Kane West is a swagger jacker. But, Kayne isn’t alone. Many other mainstream artists, including Lady Gaga, steal material and act like it’s their own.

Now, the next generation of artists looking for a door into the business, are inspired by nothing more than karaoke vocalists. Lady Gaga should have told Madonna, “I’m going to be you, you’re too old to perform. So I’ll do it for you. It’s my turn”. That’s some psychotic shit! This while Kayne’s probably saying this to himself: “the ‘I Don’t Like’ track is too fresh for a 17-year-old kid, I’m jumping on it and Kimmy and her friends will believe it’s genius.”

If Kanye likes “I Don’t Like” so much, he should have called Chief Keef to join him at “Made In America" - but thieves give sneaky credit, not the whole enchilada. Don’t believe me.. Ask Dr Dre.

Bobby Brown’s Wife Suffers A Seizure!

Alicia Etheridge Seizure

Brown Family Tragedies Continue…

Bobby Brown seems to continue stare in the face of family tragedies. His new bride and manager, Alicia Etheridge suffered a seizure, forcing Bobby Brown to skip his scheduled New Edition Orlando performance to be by his wife’s bedside.

Sources say Alicia Etheridge, who serves as Bobby Brown’s manager, was rushed to a Florida hospital emergency room after suffering a seizure - while she was waiting on Bobby Brown to wrap New Edition’s sound check, before the show. It happened midday Saturday, inside of the hotel the couple was housed in.

Sources say hours after Etheridge received medical attention, she was released from hospital, reportedly “looking dazed”. You may remember back in June of this year, Brown and Etheridge tied the knot in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Here’s what Bobby Brown Tweeted about the incident:

“The report that my wife was rushed to the hospital is true. She is recovering and in good spirits. Please keep my family in your prayers.”

MJ’s Kids Left W/ ‘Empty’ Trust Fund

MJ Kids Trust Fund

Exploited From The Grave?

The King of Pop’s estate may have equalled $600M, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his surviving children are living in the lap of luxury.

Insiders have revealed Michael Jackson’s pile of outstanding debts and legal bills have lead the deceased singer’s planned trust fund for Paris, Prince, and Blanket empty.

Now, three-years after MJ’s death, sources say “Jackson’s kids live on a family allowance tightly controlled by estate executors and overseen by a judge”.

Here’s what an insider has revealed:

"Lawyers and accountants are still sorting through the singer’s towering pile of debts and legal bills, and the process could take another two to five years."

Here’s what MJ’s estate attorney Howard Weitzman had to say:

“Once all of the creditors’ claims, taxes and pending litigations have been resolved, the trusts will be funded per court order.”

Were Randy and Janet Jackson correct when they accused the Michael Jackson Estate with ripping off their family? I think so, and next time I see Judge Mitchell Beckloff, I’ll ask him.

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